The Iceberg

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Imagine that our needs as a hierarchy form an iceberg that extends through the levels of our consciousness. The tip of the iceberg exists in plain sight and commands our constant attention to food, sex, shopping, entertainment, soft addictions like caffeine and sugar, and harder addictions like alcohol and heroin. These occupy most of our time and attention: either we are gratifying these needs, or planning their gratification. We follow a cycle of anticipation, stimulus, gratification, and depression. We rarely look deeper…the wheel turns so fast that we lose sight of anything else!

But this wheel will never stop because the impulses will always arise in response to deeper cravings. The second level of the iceberg lies directly below the surface of our consciousness. It includes intangibles like respect, safety, validation, and belonging. These flicker into and out of our awareness; if unsatisfied they manifest as fear, worthlessness, and self-loathing. We do our best to hide from this unpleasantness, and our denial triggers the more immediate impulses: we “eat our emotions,” or watch the “idiot box,” or drink until we “pass out.” We would rather be fat, stupid, and unconscious than deal with our fundamental problems!

Cultivating an awareness of level two, and nurturing these deeper needs, will calm our impulses. The febrile intensity, which urges us to chase newer thrills and higher highs, will gently subside. We will have more time, we will feel more present, and we will know greater peace. But how to proceed? How can we feel safe, valuable, connected? Return to the source! The deepest level, the bottom of the iceberg, melds with the sea. It dances playfully between solid and liquid, dissolves gradually into the ocean’s depths. No hard delineation separates the iceberg from water, nor do any fixed boundaries restrict its flow. Undefined, uncontained, it loses itself in the infinite. Such is our natural state where we know joy, and freedom. Such is our greatest need and our only true necessity – knowing ourselves as we are! For what can threaten us, we who exist in everything? How can we feel alone, when we stand apart from none?

A few times each day, close your eyes and focus on your vital connection to the world around. Feel your weight, your viscosity, as you move, fluid gliding through fluid. Inhale power, comfort safety, vitality! Direct this energy upward into your mind and allow it to erase psychological scars like fears, insecurities, and anxieties. As it swirls inside, let it quiet the constant buzz of your thoughts and the incessant the mental chatter that tear us asunder. As it continues ascending, visualize the energy as a beam of white light. It shatters the tip of the iceberg and extends to the heavens, forging a connection to all that is. Like you, it shines eternally!

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