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You have to come check out the Dharma Health Institute. It has so many amazing things to offer besides the Tai Chi and Yoga . They also offer health consultation and healing. Master Zi can know what is ailing you by just looking at you! The classes are great for all levels and everyone there is always super welcoming. The teachers have years of experience and teach you just want you need to know. If you come once you will want to keep on coming back for more.

Stephanie W

The wonderful thing about Tai Chi is that it takes one back to his or her own body. You walk differently. The benefits are with you every second of the day.

Phillip Kaplan

Learning Tai Chi and Yoga has had a major impact on my mental, physical, social and spiritual health. My daily life is much more peaceful now than before, and I find that I am more relaxed, patient and attentive as a family member and a friend. There is something in Tai Chi and Yoga for everyone. I have experienced friendships with people of all ages and backgrounds…many of whom I would never have had the opportunity to meet because our worlds were so far apart. I highly recommend this life altering growth experience.

Pauline D. Brooks, PhD